Friday, April 29, 2016

Self-Confidence and Humility

Self-confidence and humility are not mutually exclusive. They are allies who keep each other from running off the rails.

Think of leaders whose self-confidence has turned into egotism and whose humility has dwindled. Their decision-making is weakened because their associates won't or can't surface dissenting opinions. The smell of smugness keeps dissenters at a distance.

Later, when disaster has done what disasters do, it is often noticed that other perspectives were available but they were either ignored or they were not heard at all because their advocates could not get past the gatekeepers.

Humility also has its risks. If humility is taken to an extreme, then timidity and cowardice are ready but unworthy replacements. Serious action may never be taken.

Self-confidence and humility are window-cleaners. Without them, our view of the world is blurred.

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