Monday, April 18, 2016

The Bureaucrat's Dodge

If a bureaucrat does not want to take a particular action, even if it is a direct order, he or she can:

  • "Forget" about it (and hope that you will do the same);
  • Misfile it;
  • Claim that other priorities intervened;
  • Assign it to a subcommittee for further study;
  • Wait several months and then ask for clarification;
  • Implement the parts they like and promise to do the rest later;
  • Implement it so slowly that its completion date is far beyond the horizon;
  • Keep changing the staff members who are responsible for the project;
  • Implement it in an aggressive and abrasive manner that will spark opposition;
  • Report that action has been taken even though it has not;
  • Claim that they thought another office had responsibility;
  • Swamp the decision maker(s) with trivia so it is unlikely that there will be time for monitoring;
  • Report that the matter has been resolved via another program;
  • Delay and then report that there are legal questions that need to be resolved; and/or
  • Claim that they thought the order was really more of a suggestion.

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