Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Musical Instrument Museum

Everyone who'd been to the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix told me that it is extraordinary.

I finally visited "The MIM" and reached this conclusion: It is indeed extraordinary.

Here are two videos to give you some background:
What are its secrets? Here are a few:
  1. A great building design. It is spacious, friendly, and none of the exhibits are crowded.
  2. Great technology. You simply put on the earphones and the music kicks in when you near an exhibit.
  3. Huge amounts of variety. If one item does not attract you, another highly interesting exhibit will be nearby.
  4. Interesting selections. I saw nothing that was boring.
  5. Friendly staff. They seemed truly happy to be there.
We explored it for several hours and there is still much more to see.

Very impressive. 


Bob Watkins said...

Thanks for the tip Michael! I didn't know such a Museum existed! We will be sure to try to visit next time we are in Phoenix!

Michael Wade said...


It is very impressive.

They put a lot of thought into it.