Saturday, May 14, 2016

Work Ethic

Here's an interesting article from Inc. on the work ethic of several prominent people.

[Hold on. Don't CEOs just hang around golf courses and country clubs and occasionally bark an order over the phone before returning to their three-martini lunch?]


John said...

As Thomas Edison famously said, genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. He knew.
Case in point I know from here in Atlanta...
I had two friends who were playing with the Atlanta symphony when Robert Shaw became principal conductor in 1970. (One was gone after the second year, the other soon after, casualties of blind auditions.) One described Shaw as a man possessed -- working himself into breaking sweat during rehearsals and always moving at a fast walk. He described Shaw as an "overachiever."
This previously middlebrow founder of the Robert Shaw Chorale made the Atlanta Symphony and Chorus into a world-class ensemble that recorded and toured the world.
Wikipedia says "After stepping down from his Atlanta post in 1988, Shaw continued to conduct the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra as its Music Director Emeritus and Conductor Laureate, was a regular guest conductor with other orchestras including Cleveland, and taught in a series of summer festivals and week-long Carnegie Hall workshops for choral conductors and singers."

Michael Wade said...


Great example!

I don't don't if I've ever heard of a major conductor who was not a very hard worker.