Monday, June 27, 2016

Authenticity: No Robots Need Apply

One of the bits of advice that I give to new supervisors is "Do what you say you will do." It sounds less than impressive until you consider the number of leaders who don't do that.

Our times are awash with the desire for authenticity. People are suspicious of smooth delivery and slick answers because they feel that they are being "handled" by someone who doesn't mean what's being said and who won't do what's been promised.

They've heard the eloquent speakers and have felt an appropriate chill at certain phrases and yet so much of that now seems to be an act. There is an oversupply of insincerity.

In short, people have become wary of robots. They know that robotic personalities are empty suits and that their smiles are insincere. As a result, they are attracted to the person who is less polished but who seems human. 

It is better to be flawed than to be a robot. A few blunders and scars can signal authenticity and that is a very desirable type nowadays.

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