Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Glory of a Fountain Pen

Althouse exults in her new Pelikan fountain pen. [The priciest pen I've ever owned was a Waterman and someone walked off with it years ago.] Since then I've used a Cross ballpoint and a Lamy fountain pen and neither are in the Pelikan league when it comes to price. The Cross ballpoint is very smooth and the Lamy gets the job done while not evoking strong feelings.

There is a special sensation that comes when you use a pen that flows beautifully. Fountain pens do have an edge. Mont Blanc was the "status" pen awhile back. 

Is there a fountain pen that you would highly recommend?


Patrick Rhone said...

I would recommend the Pilot Metropolitan. Don't be fooled by the price, I have $200 pens that don't write as well as this. I have three and they are my daily drivers:

Michael Wade said...



I have never heard of the Pilot Metropolitan and will check it out.