Thursday, March 09, 2017

Briefing Preparation

A few questions I've been considering while preparing a briefing on Arizona history:

  1. What are the effects if the major industries are locally-owned or owned by people who live out-of-state?
  2. What are the effects if a sizable immigrant population can easily go back and forth to the mother country?
  3. What are the effects if the primary industry is one that cannot be moved?
  4. What are the values fostered by various industries?
  5. What are the long-term effects if the local leadership has a culture of cooperation versus one riven by factions?
  6. What happens if the key decision makers are satisfied with the way things are?
  7. To what extent does convenience play a role?
  8. Which area has benefited the most from technology?
  9. What were the local goals?
  10. Which industries were prone to communicate across the board and which were insular?


Unknown said...

What do you mean by "convenient"?

Michael Wade said...


An example: One of the advantages that Phoenix had when competing with Tucson for the territorial capital was its central location made it more convenient for legislators who had to travel from the northern part of the state. There were other factors, but this became a big one.