Wednesday, March 15, 2017

City of Gold

Be sure to examine the slides in this story on the City's Manager's salary at the City of San Antonio.  The slides show the pay of other City employees.


Crusty Old HR Manager said...

Nuts! But then, it's no different at my state agency. In fact, it is worse. The "leaders" here make six-figure salaries. They are allowed to retire and then return to work, in the same jobs at the same salaries. This means they have two streams of income, cheap medical premiums, and get to work part-time for their first year back to work because that's what the statute dictates. In the meantime, it kills morale, increases the workload of their direct reports, and clearly sets up a "haves" and "haves not" dynamic. It. Is. A. Terrible. Idea. Yet no one who has the power to repeal this will do so...they stand to lose too much. And so on it goes.

Michael Wade said...


That is very depressing.

And nothing will happen until there is a crisis.

Good luck!


Eclecticity said...

This is incredible. Were I a citizen there... But they do have a delightful river running through it with all of the various attractions.

I'm disoriented after seeing this. WTH? E.

Michael Wade said...


It is as if they are on another planet.