Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Roughing It

A friend of mine, a man with a number of years under his belt, mentioned during a recent conversation that his earliest memory is of an event that took place when he was three years old. He was standing with his father outside their rural home when amid whistling sounds and things popping about them, his father said, "Let's get inside. That SOB is trying to kill us."

One of his father's business acquaintances was shooting at them from a nearby ridge. The cause was a disagreement over a mine.

He's an old Arizonan but the shooting incident took place in California where money is taken more seriously.

Times were rough in those days.

There is a tendency to forget those times or to pretend they are in the distant mists.

I'm not sure if those times are ever distant. Wildness always lurks. 

Look at modern-day Chicago.

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