Thursday, August 17, 2017

A List of Simple Rules

Here's an assignment. Take some time out and write a list of simple rules that you believe leaders and managers should follow. Try to get more than three and - ideally - limit your list to both sides of an index card.

I'll be doing the same and we can compare our lists next week.

The process itself should be helpful.


David Radnell said...

1. Provide the vision so the team has direction.
2. Set expectations of quality, behavior etc.
3. Isolate team as far as possible from external distractions, politics etc.
4. Provide feedback
5. Provide an environment where all team members feel empowered to contribute.
6. Minimize bureaucracy but measure what is important.
7. Focus on getting stuff done.

Michael Wade said...


Great list!

Thanks for sending it in.

I'll post it this week.