Monday, August 28, 2017


The stories continue to roll in of the weather's devastating effects in Houston. 

I was in Houston a few years ago to conduct a management workshop and there were roads still closed from the flooding of a previous hurricane. 

Even further back, I did weeks of training for a natural gas company in downtown Houston. One of the eccentricities of the downtown area is that many of the skyscrapers are connected by underground tunnels. The tunnels are large and cheery with coffee, gift and floral shops tucked into their sides. I'd take a hotel escalator down to the tunnel, weave around to the company's elevator which would sweep me up to the floor devoted to training rooms. It was possible to work for days without ever going outside.

You can imagine the condition of those tunnels now.

Pray for Houston and do what you can to help.


Ray Visotski said...

One of our daughters is a student at the Baylor College of Medicine and she advised us on Sunday that one of the main, MD Anderson facilities already had the first floor, completely under water, floor to ceiling. Her classes have been canceled through next Tuesday. She has been fortunate, as of last night anyway, but it's still not over yet. Houston is unique in that parts of it flood just from an afternoon thunderstorm. This is unimaginable.

Michael Wade said...


It is a nightmare.

It must be staggering even to run a basic business there, much more so a College of Medicine.