Friday, August 18, 2017

Lessons of Modern Life

  • Social media is generally unsociable.
  • Authenticity is over-rated. Insincere kindness beats sincere cruelty. 
  • The traditional news media bemoan informal news sources but then do everything possible to enhance the appeal of those sources.
  • In the game of ideas those who can't score a point can always feign an injury.
  • People who barely know their own minds can tell you, in minute detail, the arcane motives of a person whom they've never met.
  • The draft did more for the nation than it did for the military..
  • .Walk slowly and observe. Read slowly and do the same.
  • The government should move several cabinet departments to the Midwest, the Southwest, and the South.
  • This may be one of those times in history when the kids won't be all right.
  • Hollywood political endorsements should be the kiss of death.
  • If the quality of your life is to be depicted by either an email or a handwritten letter, choose the letter.


Kurt Harden said...

The one place you will never find a gentleman is at a gentlemen's club.

Michael Wade said...


That's great!