Friday, October 06, 2017

12 Items an Instructor Should Consider

Photo by Mike Petrucci

  1. The key elements of the subject.
  2. Which aspects will be most difficult for the students.
  3. How to translate the subject into easily understandable terms.
  4. The use of appropriate visual aids.
  5. Different ways to explain the subject and how to incorporate those ways into the class so if a student doesn't grasp one approach then the next one or two should hit home.
  6. How to use generalizations to connect the points and examples to illustrate the points.
  7. How the class will evolve so knowledge grows from lesson to lesson.
  8. Which aspects are unnecessarily confusing and can be jettisoned.
  9. How to reinforce previous lessons.
  10. Whether special exercises will work.
  11. How to achieve the most effective use of time.
  12. How to be an ally (and not an adversary) of the students.

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