Tuesday, October 10, 2017

31 Sentences to Further a Career

Photo by Olu Eletu

  1. "No."
  2. "I can give you five minutes right now but no more than that."
  3. "What's the counter-argument?"
  4. "And then what?"
  5. "I want to see the study."
  6. "I need more than three options."
  7. "What does the lawyer say?"
  8. "Have you checked the numbers?"
  9. "I'd like you to translate any jargon."
  10. "So what happens if we do nothing?"
  11. "Give me your thoughts in an easily understood one-page memo." 
  12. "Which specific actions are likely to achieve that result?"
  13. "Has this been fully staffed?"
  14. "Walk me through the plan."
  15. "What will this accomplish?"
  16. "What are the risks?"
  17. "Let's go and see."
  18. "What is the real organization chart?"
  19. "We'll hear from the junior members first."
  20. "Let's discuss what we don't want to happen."
  21. "If this fails what will be the likely reason?"
  22. "We will meet in two days and see if we are still enthusiastic about the proposed action."
  23. "Who should be in the meeting?"
  24. "Who will bear the heaviest burden?"
  25. "How will this look on the front page of the newspaper?"
  26. "I need to take a walk."
  27. "I would like you to keep an eye on their body language."
  28. "How many in this room understand what was just said?"
  29. "Does that term mean the same thing to all of us?"
  30. "What are we assuming?"
  31. "I need time to think."

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