Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Politicizing Late Night Comedy

It is important to note that these shows are competing for numbers that once would have been considered catastrophic. Carson could pull in 9 million viewers when one of his shows popped; he averaged 19 million viewers a night his final week on air in 1992. Colbert is winning the late-night race with 3 million viewers. That’s better than Rachel Maddow, but not by much. This means that all it takes to become a giant of late night is winning over a Maddow-like audience, exactly Colbert’s strategy.

Read the rest of Rich Lowry's essay in National Review.

Years ago, when some of my studies included comparing the French and Italian Communist parties, one tidbit was that in France one could find Communist nightclubs, comedians, comic books, and, of course, newspapers. 

It was possible, in other words, for an ardent French Communist to live in a bubble.

Not wise, but possible.

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