Thursday, December 14, 2017

The In-Betweens

One of the better new words that you may occasionally hear is "frienemy." It means a person who is both a friend and a foe. Most of us have encountered people like that. Perhaps we've even been that person.

It is a helpful word.

And that got me to thinking about other odd but realistic combinations. Think of words for the following:

  1. When you know a great deal about a topic but have the gnawing sense that you might be missing something very important.
  2. A form of conduct you wouldn't want legally banned but which nonetheless makes you wish there were a common societal restraint upon it.
  3. When kindness or caring is so great that it begins to harm people.
  4. When busyness becomes a form of sloth.
  5. When humility becomes arrogance.
  6. When people will excuse every nation's conduct except their own.
  7. A cloaked form of autocracy.
  8. Weakness disguised as boldness. 
  9. Rewarding failure with a promotion. ["Reprimotion?"]
  10. Neutrality which actually favors or punishes a side.

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