Saturday, March 31, 2018

Last Night

Last night, I played hooky and failed to plan today. 


Read some material on time management and then part of Justice Scalia's opinion on the D.C. gun control case. My back was acting up so I slept in a special reclining chair my wife bought for me several years ago. [I had scoffed at it then but I'm not scoffing now.]

Around 2:30 a.m. the dog decided that her bed blanket should be rearranged and so she used the highly effective "wet nose technique" to rouse this elderly retainer into action. I found it amusing.

Sleep quickly returned.

The dog returned later to inform me that she wanted breakfast. I prepared her usual while she stared out a window and barked at anyone who has the audacity to walk down her street.

I took the front section of The Wall Street Journal in to my wife, who was still lounging in bed. 

Some espresso, The Wall Street Journal book reviews, an English muffin as well as orange marmalade performed their magic for me.

And now, hours behind schedule, the remnants of the day are being planned.

All in all, time well spent.

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