Friday, March 30, 2018

The 12 Book Rule

The bottom of five weathered books stacked horizontally next to each other

[Photo by Syd Wachs at Unsplash]

My current reading: 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson; Leading a Worthy Life by Leon Kass; Crisis of Responsibility by David L. Bahnsen; The Startup Way by Eric Ries; Still The Best Hope by Dennis Prager; Churchill & Orwell by Thomas E. Ricks; Mr. In-Between by Neil Cross; Screw It, Let's Do It by Richard Branson; Listening to Your Life by Frederick Buechner; Vision in the Desert by Jack August; and The Silo Effect by Gillian Tett.

I'm also re-reading The Balkan Trilogy by Olivia Manning.

All of them are good. 

I assure you that the reading process is not as chaotic as it may appear. Certain books are read at certain times - fortunately, I have a good memory - and I set a limit of no more than 12 books at any time.

A few of them, such as the Branson and Buechner books, are written to be read in short bursts so they are great late-night reading. Even a small portion of Buechner needs to be read and pondered. I am not in a race and am slowly reading the Peterson and Kass books in order to absorb their arguments.

Closest to completion: Peterson, Ricks, Cross, and Branson.

As for the Manning book, if you have not read it, get with the program. It is as enjoyable the second time around as it was the first.

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