Thursday, March 22, 2018

Mission and Vision Statements

Today I facilitated a discussion for an organization that is revising its mission and vision statements.

It went extremely well. We made amazing progress in a short period of time and accomplished all we had to achieve.

A key reason: a lot of thought had gone into the issues ahead of time and the management team was very positive.

Trivia item: The motto for the Royal Air Force is Per Ardua ad Astra; "Through Adversity to the Stars."


twistedByKnaves said...

I like your elegant Latin route to the stars.

But I think I prefer the earthy English of the Royal Tank Regiment's unofficial slogan:

"From mud, through blood, to the green fields beyond"

Michael Wade said...


That's great!

The military slogans are extraordinary. Here are two more:

"No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy." - 1st US Marine Division

"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday." - US Navy SEALS