Thursday, September 06, 2018

Random Thoughts

mixed paints in a plate

[Photo by Mike Petrucci at Unsplash]

Barbarians have one area in which they completely lack candor: They never admit to being barbarians. ~ You may not be able to sweep back the daily waves of paperwork but you'd better figure out how to make the tide recede. ~ Meetings favor people who do not like to read. ~ Those who demand What and eloquently proclaim Why often get very hazy or unrealistic when asked to tell us How. ~ If you ever have to fight for your life, think "wild animal" and not "professional boxer." ~ Life may resemble high school but I don't recall that the dumbest kids wrote the school newspaper. ~ If you have difficulty praying, rest assured that one day your skills will improve. ~ Secret worries far outnumber the open ones. ~ A good guide can turn an old trail into a new path. ~ Mindfulness is important but so too is indifference. ~ Even careful researchers can make large and reckless assumptions. ~ If you want to learn about a society discover what is commonly excused. ~ The most revealing anecdotes are the ones that were not meant to be revealing. ~ All large organizations possess a sizable territory which could accurately be called The Unquestioned. ~ Those looking into a room often see more than those who are seated.

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