Tuesday, January 01, 2019

New Year's Sleep

MacBook Air on brown wooden table

It was early on New Year's Eve when the dog wandered into my office. We often have conversations on which of us has the better gig but the evidence so heavily favors the dog that we soon move to other subjects.

This time, however, there was a difference. She was there for one reason: it was the beginning of New Year's and her acute hearing could catch things her deaf and oblivious owner could not detect: early and explosive expressions of joy in the far distance.

And so I sighed. If the fireworks were popping this early, how would the rest of the evening go? My plan to be in bed by nine would mean little if a highly disturbed (and large) dog was attempting to crawl onto the same bed. I have learned that appeasing such attempts is a foolish move. If given a spot on the bed, the dog does not stay put but wanders about, stepping on its owner as often as on the mattress. My wife thinks that is amusing because most of the stomping is on my side of the mattress.

The upshot is I spent much of the night petting and reassuring a nervous dog.  There was one final burst of explosions around 10:30 and none beyond that but the dog didn't know the schedule and so was antsy for hours beyond. Whenever possible I dozed off but the sleep schedule was marred. 

As a result, the dog got more sleep than I did.

It's time for some espresso.

[{hoto by Alejandro Escamilla at Unsplash]

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