Thursday, May 02, 2019

Modern Times

There are moments when it seems that a sign of our times is that large groups of people can watch the same event and walk away with completely opposite descriptions of what happened.

Perhaps that has always been the case but it is more noticeable now due to social media. One aspect that may be new is the intensity of feeling and the eagerness to designate political opponents as evil. That is not a healthy development for any society. 

You do not, to borrow language from YouTube descriptions, OWN or DESTROY or SCHOOL your opponents. You argue with them. It is particularly helpful if that process includes listening.


Kurt Harden said...

Sidney Hook was said to be very good at arguing. He worked diligently to understand his opponent's position and would often sound as though he agreed with the srgument because he would re-state and then support the position with examples. Then he would answer their arguments one by one. I have read that it made him very persuasive.

Michael Wade said...


That's a great technique. I am amazed at people who don't even have a superficial grasp of the other side's position.