Monday, May 06, 2019

Unread Books

pile of books beside ship's wheel

Patrick Rhone permits a partial peek at his library of unread books. Most of us have similar stacks and that's not surprising. The idea that one would only have books which have been read or which are being read is nuts. Furthermore, I would submit that some books are meant to be delved into for particular subjects and need not be read from front to back.

All of this, of course, means that when we dedicated readers choose to re-read a book, that is a high compliment to the book and its author.

[Photo by Darwin Vegher at Unsplash]


Harvey Morrell said...

Nassim Taleb wrote about this concept of having a large collection of unread books when he talked about Umberto Eco's "Antilibrary" in The Black Swan.

Michael Wade said...


And Eco's collection was a thing to behold!


Eclecticity said...

They are legion, as are we. E.

Michael Wade said...


We contain multitudes.

To steal a line.