Monday, August 26, 2019

Recruitment Approaches

In Example One, an administrative assistant job needs to be filled. The hiring department tells Human Resources. Human Resources looks over the job description and crafts a job announcement. When it is approved by the hiring department, the announcement is posted and advertised. Applications are received and screened at various stages and particular attention is given to making sure that no equal opportunity laws are violated. A list of potential candidates is given to the hiring department. That department conducts interviews and then makes a selection. HR is notified of the choice and handles the necessary paperwork to get the person on board.

In Example Two, an executive position needs to be filled by a department. The vice president in charge of the department meets an executive from another organization at a professional conference. They chat over dinner and the other executive expresses an interest in the available job. He or she sends background information and the hiring executive, once back home, passes the information on to Human Resources, noting that a job offer has been made and accepted and HR should promptly handle the paperwork.

HR protests that the proper procedures have not been followed but the vice president replies that the position needs to be filled quickly and the person has already accepted the job.

It is a rare HR director who has never seen this.


Vince Dunn said...

I have been working in HR my entire career and your examples are true to life. Part of the problem is that when those senior positions do get into HR for recruiting, the recruiters are not great at sourcing and closing the deals. We have only ourselves to blame if the hiring manager does not have faith in us.

Michael Wade said...


It always struck me as odd that the selection of an administrative assistant or aide could receive greater analysis and scrutiny than one for an executive.

There are certain positions where review by HR, equal opportunity, and the general counsel should be standard practice before a job offer can be made.