Saturday, August 24, 2019

Worthwhile Weekend Activities

brown wooden swing

There is one which is the superior choice by far.

(A) Binge viewing of "The Sopranos."
(B) Sleep, sleep, and still more sleep.
(C) Gardening.
(D) Binge viewing of Harry Potter movies.
(E) Making the world's best coffee cake and then eating half of it.
(F) Binge viewing of "Justified."
(G) Sitting on the front porch of a cabin during a gentle rain and declining to go into town.

[Photo by James Garcia at Unsplash]


Steve said...

If I were at a cabin in a gentle rain, sitting on the porch and declining to go into town would be my choice. But binge watching Justified would be a close second ...

Michael Wade said...


Good point.