Saturday, December 14, 2019

Saturday Morning

Nippy outside. Landscapers did major work last week so sunlight has returned to our back yard. Irrigation is beginning to arrive. My wife has a roofer visiting this morning to prepare an estimate which will probably cause me to collapse and drum the floor with my heels. I've had some espresso followed up with French roast coffee so I'm on the verge of supreme awareness. Will be chained to a chair this afternoon in order to make progress on a book writing project that is the raven above my door. Christmas shopping is being done on a sporadic basis in order to avoid last year's panic when I seriously considered getting last minute gifts at the pharmacy, a.k.a.  the Aqua-Velva option. Over breakfast, I mentioned a great gift idea for a relative and my wife stared at me and shook her head. 

I assume that meant no.

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