Thursday, December 26, 2019

The Kondo Temptation

gray dress shirt hang on brown wooden rack in front of window with white curtain

I fully understand the appeal of Marie Kondo's "tidying up" philosophy.

Although she stresses the importance of joy, for many of us in business, tidying up involves the importance of control. Without a tidy system, things can slip away.

I am a messy desk person and believe there is more method than madness in my approach. [Do I really think the same way as a clean desk person?] 

At the same time, some balance is necessary. I will be checking into a middle ground, if one exists.

In the meantime, no current photos of my office will be released.

[Update: In response to FutureLawyer: Any balance that does not permit some messiness is not true balance. The best organizations take mistakes into account and do not expect perfection.]

[Photo by tu tu at Unsplash]

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