Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Lack of Law and Order in the NYC Subways

The system has seen a near-total absence of law enforcement. In June 2019, police officers wrote 7,075 summonses for infractions in the transit system, from walking between cars to taking up more than one seat. This June, the figure was 296—a 95.8 percent decline. Last June, police gave out 5,828 fare-evasion summonses. This June, the figure was 41, a 99.3 percent decline. Last June, police arrested, rather than summonsed, 218 people for fare evasion—an action they take only when a fare-evasion suspect won’t cooperate or is arrested in conjunction with other charges, such as weapons possession. This June, the grand total of fare-evasion arrests was . . . one. Across all transit infractions, enforcement in June was down anywhere from 83.6 percent to 99.5 percent, depending on the offense, a pace that has accelerated as the months pass.

Read the rest of Nicole Gelinas's article in City Journal.

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