Thursday, October 28, 2021

Sound the Trumpets

FutureLawyer has admitted that card catalogs were superior to Googling.

I would add, far superior.

[Photo by Erol Ahmed at Unsplash]


chris said...

I would make space in my place if I ever came across an old card catalogue. I'd find a use for it too.

Same goes for one of those spinning carousel racks that used to hold paperback books. I could really use one of those.

Michael Wade said...



They evoke instant memories.


Harvey Morrell said...

I discovered a section (Ta - To)of our library's card catalog as a prop in a restaurant here in Baltimore. It still had our the cards in it. I offered to buy it, but they weren't selling.

Michael Wade said...


What a disappointment!

I wonder how they got it.

[There may be a black market in old card catalogs.]


Richard (Rick) Georges said...

You are the Director of the Library. Claim it was stolen, and demand its return. :-)