Monday, December 13, 2021


We have an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in this country. 

We do not have an Equal Employment Equity Commission.

Those who believe in the creation of the latter should seek to change the law. 

That's how it's done in a democracy. 

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Unknown said...

The problem is we have never had equal opportunity in this country. In the beginning, it was equal opportunity for white Christian men. Women and non-white people have had to fight to get a change at equal opportunity. There has always been a class system, so there is not really even equal opportunity among white people as most power positions are held by those who went to the right schools, etc. Equal opportunity is an aspiration that has n9t even close to being met and will never be met. People born in the lower economic level of society in the west then to stay there. While it is not all due to the uneven system, there is still a ceiling. A graduate of a state university does not have the same opportunity to get the Wall Street office as the graduate of Yale or Wharton even though he or she might actually be smarter.