Friday, June 02, 2023

They Are Legion

The ministers or rabbis who don't believe in God. ~ The lawyers who regard the law as a mere tool to be manipulated. ~ The literature professors who would rather explore the defects of writers than celebrate their work. ~ The journalists who choose to shape the culture instead of objectively reporting the news. ~ The teachers who would rather indoctrinate than educate. ~ The museum professionals who love their museums but not their customers. ~ The citizens who respect every country but their own. ~ The artists with a disdain for art. ~ The students who value grades over knowledge. ~ The human resources professionals who regard employees as nuisances. ~ The civil rights advocates who promote new forms of discrimination. ~ The parents who eagerly contract out parental responsibilities. ~ The business executives who promote business but shy from its defense. ~ The revolutionaries who rail against "inner circles" but love their own. 

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