Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Formula for Disaster


Give awards for showing up. ~ Tolerate loathsome role models. ~ Urge immediate gratification. ~ Mock merit. ~ Claim that everything about the system is rigged. ~ Stress the animal over the civilized. ~ Tell the ignorant, mean, and selfish to "just be yourself." ~ Flaunt rules. ~ Denounce patience and restraint. ~ Replace books with screens and multiple distractions. ~ Discourage deep thought. ~ Neglect moral development. ~ Make politics your religion. ~ Equate courage with aggression and stupidity. ~ Teach the good to be passive and the bad to be demanding. ~ Honor identity instead of achievement. ~ Ignore the lessons of the past. ~ Regard nobility as myth and self-discipline as foolish. ~ Scoff at patriotism. ~ Foster victimhood. ~ Pretend that cowardice is tact or kindness. ~ Mistake crudeness for genuineness. ~ Demand sainthood from opponents. ~ Think that any problem can be solved with a sizable check. ~ Erect a large filter between you and the community. ~ Apply different standards to your side. ~ Be a good careerist. ~ Think of yourself as sovereign. ~ Avoid having skin in the game. ~ Become an expert at self-delusion.

[Photo by Kelly Sikkema at Unsplash]

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