Friday, November 17, 2023

Raymond Chandler Break

 Don't start reading a Raymond Chandler novel before you have to leave for an appointment. 

An excerpt from The High Window:

In the swivel chair at the desk sat an elderly party in a dark gray suit with high lapels and too many buttons down the front. He had some stringy white hair that grew long enough to tickle his ears. A pale gray bald patch loomed high up in the middle of it, like a rock above timberline. Fuzz grew out of his ears, far enough to catch a moth.


PC said...

Add the following authors to the list: Dashiell Hammett, Ross MacDonald, David Goodis, and especially, James Ellroy.

Michael Wade said...


Good list. I'd add Robert B. Parker, Charles McCarry and, of course, Elmore Leonard.