Monday, January 01, 2024

Improving 2024

 2024 is here. 

It looked hellish from a distance. Let's do our best to make 2024 less so even as the walls shake and furniture is splintered.

Regardless of your choice for president, we can avoid the craziness that has infected so much of American politics for so long. The genius of the American system is that the Founders designed checks and balances on the belief that even the brightest members of high office need to be restrained.

In other words, our system was designed by the only modest revolutionaries in history. [Look at the contrast with the French, Russian, Chinese, Cuban, and Iranian revolutions.] 

We need to share that modesty and know that each side, no matter how smart or wise, has flaws. I say that as one who strongly believes that one side is far better than the other, but the time is always ripe to check yourself out.

Let's lower our voices, listen carefully, and have a great year.


Tim said...

Happy New Year Michael. People should just avoid the news and they'll be a lot better off.

Michael Wade said...

Happy New Year, Tim.

I think people are moving in that direction. The journalism schools need to shift back to the mission of reporting the facts instead of shaping the culture.


Tim said...