Wednesday, January 03, 2024

Ways to Speak Up


  • What are the arguments against that course of action/position?
  • Is there a downside that we haven't considered? For example, what would be our response if a plaintiff's attorney were to say there is not a strong basis for point A or point B?
  • Jack and Mary raised a possible negative issue in their emails. What is our response?
  • I know the lawyers have blessed this. Does anyone see any potential ethical problems?
  • This seems complicated. Is there a reason why we can't take a few more days before reaching a decision?
  • They cite a study in support of the proposed course of action. Has anyone read that study? If so, how detailed was it?
  • Are there any overstatements or understatements in this document?
  • What are some possible options in addition to the ones presented?
  • Is there an example from here or another organization where the proposed course of action has clearly worked?
  • What are the benefits and downsides of doing nothing?
  • Are any other departments working on a similar project? If so, where are they on it?
  • I propose that regardless of whether or not people favor the course of action, everyone here should voice their opinion. No one should simply pass.

[Photo by Headway at Unsplash]

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