Friday, February 16, 2024

A Few Workplace Memories

Interviewing police officers who worked undercover in biker bars. Investigating a couple of cases in which curses had been placed on supervisors. Discussing management issues with a union leader whose entire philosophy of life was drawn from "The Godfather." Watching as a transit department director completely won over a hostile audience. Hearing a council member complain that the city was not losing "enough" discrimination cases. Watching a disastrous fire drill in a high-rise building. Hearing an audience confess that they did not understand anything in an IT director's presentation. Telling some young sanitation workers that the job of emptying garbage cans was going to disappear. (It did, two years later.) Discovering that the nicest people weren't always the nicest people. 

One solid memory: Muttered remarks were usually more accurate than grand pronouncements.

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