Thursday, February 22, 2024

Reaching the Deep Bench

There are several people in my personal circle of friends who'd be a better choice for president than the current main contenders. 

These individuals, who are far from famous, have the right mixture of knowledge and temperament. They wouldn't embarrass us. They would assemble a serious group of advisors. They are highly ethical and insightful. I'd gladly drop them into conferences with world leaders.

But when political viability is considered, they may as well be on Mars.

We have a very deep bench of untapped talent in this country, but more avenues to power are needed. 

The traditional avenues are dark alleys that deter the obscure best while attracting the unduly ambitious. Getting through them may be a life-altering experience but it is far from an uplifting one.

We can do better than that. 

As the old line goes, if we keep on doing what we've been doing, we'll keep on getting what we've been getting.

[Photo by Davide Everett Strickler at Unsplash]

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