Wednesday, February 14, 2024

No, They Are Not Too Old

 Granted, I'm an old guy who, after many decades, is still advising organizations on leadership, ethics, and equal opportunity, but most people should find something wrong with the assertion that Joe Biden and Donald Trump are too old for the presidency.

The question should be about ability, not age.



Julian said...

Morning Michael. I am 57 which feels old -- not ancient. I love the fact that you're still doing what you're doing -- blessings I say. As to Biden and Trump, all I'd say is that sagacity, gravitas and wisdom are virtues that are in short supply and if they can offer those then bravo but certainly Mr Trump seems ill at ease as an "elder" unless he's stirring up mischief and being divisive. I don't know about Mr Biden but he comes across as a decent man, trying his best. As to his memory etc., I'll leave others to judge that and his ability to run for another term. Take care and best wishes from this side of the Pond. Julian

Michael Wade said...


We'll need all good wishes.

Many thanks!