Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The AI Questions

 Despite all of the warnings, the world is rushing to embrace artificial intelligence. 

I hear marvelous stories of the many things AI will do. Those are quickly followed by tales of how humans will enjoy vast amounts of leisure time.

The period between the removal of work and the leisure time is not described. The looseness of the term "leisure time" is also troubling.

Those are worrisome enough without even considering the truly scary scenario of a world run by, and perhaps destroyed by, machines.

It is a reminder of the significance of one of the all-time most important questions in life:

"And then what?"


FutureLawyerRickGeorges said...

It is true that I am spending most of my leisure time working with AI apps, and learning about it. But, then, every new thing is, and will be, time consuming. If you love what you do, it's all leisure time, no? And, without AI, I couldn't do this:[0]=AT38aDIAx0YJUFJJw6UtfFx26Fh-CWoQaKGFznJZOwg_t-j5PhUEQsjY-991N4OWRxLnw9azJVPxvzB5KAoD0apPPKwKv6o7rBxJtygJQkUp3WPUu5b6TWQEvelLxf4gmHdXoqbQwegW6Eo06Mf2AJqVwCpW-kkCpFpEYTWG3-hLDbNMFToOww

Michael Wade said...


I promise to check out that link as soon as I finish filing my papyrus scrolls.