Thursday, April 20, 2006

Supervising Former Peers: Who's the Victim?

This CareerJournal article deals with the problem of former colleagues who, after becoming bosses, abuse their power.

In my consulting practice, I've seen more problems in the opposite direction: the former associates who don't cut their former peer/now boss a break. Any assertion of authority is described as being drunk with power. Training programs need to include workshops on followership as well as leadership.


hstinson88 said...

Amen - I'm the supervisor of a former peer and she thinks I'm now "controlling."

Kathy said...

Me too. I'm on a "high horse" by enforcing a consistent work schedlue.

Michael Wade said...

I recommend having as few as possible group meetings and instead having individual meetings in order to win over the "neutrals" so they are less susceptible to the truly resistant co-workers.

Good luck! That's one of the toughest supervisory/leadership challenges out there.