Friday, May 18, 2007

Chronicles of Wasted Time

Meetings that are held for the sole purpose of being able to say that a meeting was held.

People required to be at their desks for an 8 to 5 schedule when their jobs don't require their presence throughout that period.

Up and comers with records that are sparse on achievements but long on being seen in the right places.

Managers and employees who spend a large chunk of their work days trying to look busy.

Executives and managers who can immediately increase the productivity and morale of their associates by spending more time on the golf course.

Job descriptions that have only a remote connection to the actual job.

Human Resources departments that regard employees as adveraries and nuisances.

How many of these are in your organization?


pawnking said...

With regards to meeting, having one with a manager who, scheduled for a one hour meeting which was basically finished in half an hour, insisted to talking about immaterial fluff "so as not to waste time" for the remaining half hour.

This actually happened to me, and I've made sure since then that I am the one filling the time and not him in these meetings.

Michael Wade said...


Painful stuff! I once had a supervisor who liked to have staff meetings at 4:00 on Friday afternoons where he would drone on for well over an hour.

I planned many a trip around the world during those time periods.