Thursday, May 31, 2007

Web Site Frustrations

While in the process of updating our firm's web site - a task that is way overdue - we've been checking out the sites of other businesses to get ideas on what to emulate and what to avoid.

The latter category is easier to fill.

The following items are common sins:

  1. Design overcomes Function. Some cryptic sites are thoroughly confusing. Is it still loading? Are we supposed to click on the tree, the sidewalk, or the star in the corner? And how long do we want to mess with this?

  2. Mystery Firm. Can there be some basic disclosure here? Why do we have to click through to the third page before getting a hint of what this firm does? The operative theory of these sites: What cannot be disguised by design can always be hidden by jargon.

  3. It's Ego Time! Please stop telling us how smart you all are and instead explain what you can do for us.

  4. Where's Waldo? The location of the firm can - not - be - found. Anywhere. I checked.

  5. Failure to Answer the Obvious. There are three questions anyone seriously considering this business will ask. Not one is addressed.

  6. Rebel without a Client. Unconventional can be fun but some of these look like they were designed by Rip Taylor after a long night.

Have I ever committed any of these? Don't ask.


Anonymous said...

funny! but sooooo real!

by the way, the
link whitch is first on the right column is not available anymore; I did not checked the others ;-)

Michael Wade said...

Thanks! Above C Level and a few of the others will soon be replaced by some new links.