Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Quote of the Day

Manage your own morale.

- Price Pritchett


Eclecticity said...

There are times at our new employee orientation where I get to discuss the "pillars of excellence" in healthcare. In our model they are financial success, clinical quality, customer/patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction.

I take a personal commercial break and tell them when it comes to employee satisfaction, they need to manage their own morale (I too learned the term from PP years ago.) The entity they work for doesn't really "care" about them so they better not expect a whole lot of caring.

Not so sure how new employess take this. There are usually some heads nodding, but I'm just to knowledgable (curmudgeonly?)to be pouring cups of koolaid to newbies anymore. D.

Michael Wade said...

They probably appreciate the dose of reality!