Monday, May 21, 2007

Rules of Followership

  1. Always remember that few of us get to follow saints.

  2. Choose to be loyal or disloyal. Be either one openly and recognize there is no in-between.

  3. Hone your skills and make yourself indispensible.

  4. Don't withhold the full use of your talent.

  5. Be willing to disobey orders that are unethical or flat-out stupid.

  6. Don't weaken the team with petty conflicts and don't take conflict underground.

  7. Anticipate needs and problems and act to address both.

  8. Never turn in sloppy work.

  9. Match every problem with at least one serious solution.

  10. Squander neither resources nor time.

  11. Make your team members and your boss look good.

  12. Share credit.

  13. Take time to understand others.

  14. Share information but not gossip.

  15. Be discreet.

  16. Embarrass no one.

  17. Listen carefully for what is said and not said.

  18. Maintain a sense of urgency.

  19. Have a healthy level of enthusiasm.

  20. Dissent in a professional manner.

  21. Don't mistake your personal well-being for that of the team.