Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cell Phone Rules

This is controversial territory - I know people who are fused to their cell phone - but when is cell phone usage inappropriate?

In my humble - but undoubtedly correct - opinion, the cell phone should not be used when:

You're in traffic. Exception: You're on a deserted highway in Texas where you can see 100 miles in either direction.

You are in a restaurant. Most people don't want their meal to be accompanied by a nearby imitation of Foghorn Leghorn.

You're in a theater. A few weeks on a chain gang would be suitable for this violation.

Any others?


elliotross said...

My peeve is any public place where you are bellowing so loudly that the rest of us have to get up and leave

Cultural Offering said...

When you are in the middle of a conversation with someone - Taking a non-emergency call while in conversation says "Can you hold that thought while I talk to someone more important than you?"

Deron S. said...

During sex should probably be added to that list.

John Phillips said...


John Phillips said...


I should have said when you're in church instead of just church.

Also, when you're at a funeral or wedding.


DarkoV said...

I'm persoanlly offended that Foghorn Leghorn's name was associated with cell phones. I have NEVER heard a loudmouth in a restaurant, theater, church, wake, sexual orgy, or duck blind (I think I've covered all of the annoying celly terrain) be as funny as Mr. Leghorn nor as blessed with a gifted stentorian voice as Mr. Leghorn.

If they were evan a pale imititation of Mr. Leghorn, I probably would not mind the CellLoudites publicly pontificating on their miserably limited lives.

Michael Wade said...

All of your additions are excellent. [And isn't it amazing when a cell phone goes off in an inappropriate setting and the person then takes the call?]

Of course, I must also acknowledge committing a great injustice to Foghorn Leghorn, who is, as noted, far more entertaining than any lout I've ever heard blathering away on a cellphone.

Anonymous said...

The worst example I can think of was when a minister (a substitute, not the pastor) took a cell phone call during services. He stepped behind the altar to talk and forgot his microphone was on! He shouldn't have had his phone with him or on, much less taken the call.