Monday, July 27, 2009


Several years ago, a friend of mine successfully went through the interviewing process with a Fortune 500 company; one that is considered to be trendy and hip.

He had to survive 16 interviews before they made a decision.

Now I like the idea of thoroughness, but isn't that a bit excessive? Although my friend's talent is in the serious A+ league, is it not possible that telling them to go to hell after the third or fourth interview could have been a positive sign of independence?

Can you imagine Teddy Roosevelt sitting through 16 interviews?


Eric D. Brown said...

16 interviews is crazy.

A few years ago, I interviewed for a position and after the 1 hour phone interview & 1 hour face-to-face, was told that the interview process would start the following week.

Their interview process was based on the 'top-grading' ideas and there were 10 different people that I was supposed to interview with.

I politely told them that I wasn't interested...if they needed 12 interviews to see if I fit, it wasn't the right organization for me.

Strangely enough, that organization is no longer in business.

Michael Wade said...


Good for you!

Aside from being a form of torture, multiple interviews can also be a huge waste of time. As you note, there is the question of whether the decision makers are capable of making a decision within a reasonable period of time.


Deron S. said...

16 interviews screams OVERHEAD to me.

Michael Wade said...


You are right on target.