Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Workplace Types

Stay in the workplace long enough and you'll encounter the following types:

The Wizard. Brilliant, charismatic, and high achieving. Surrounded by capable people who, in time, become less capable and more dependent as they adjust to a personality-driven environment.

The Insecure but Self-Centered. Willing to talk about his or her problems and doubts for hours and then address the subject again next week. You thought all self-centered people were secure? Think again.

The Survivor. A finger is always testing the wind. Sensitive meetings are dodged. Decisions are delayed and ducked. Friendly to all but a friend to none. Never to be trusted.

The Scattered. Has a thousand bright ideas but few of them are consumated. Helpful in a staff role but lethal as an executive.

The Barracuda. Great at rough and tough turnarounds that take no longer than a week or two. Terrible at long-time relationships. Short shelf-life.

The Relaxed. Nothing is urgent. Nothing is a crisis. All is well. Everything will work out fine until the plane hits the mountain.

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