Monday, January 25, 2010

How My Computer Resembles a Poor Employee

How does my computer resemble a poor employee?
  1. Loses files.
  2. Gives cryptic explanations.
  3. When asked for "Help," never helps.
  4. Brings a lot of worthless stuff to my attention.
  5. Surprises me with sudden crises.
  6. Occasionally makes subtle threats.
  7. Requires expensive upgrades even if there is no change in performance.
  8. Introduces viruses into the workplace.
  9. Needs frequent screening by security.
  10. Is impressive at first but then becomes slower and slower.


Anonymous said...

And what does that say about your rewards and recognition program? Have you even thanked it lately?

Michael Wade said...


Ha! I'm sure I'm completely remiss in that area.