Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Meeting Spots: Classy or Not

In his instant business classic, Claw Your Way to the Top: How to Become the Head of a Major Corporation in Roughly a Week, humorist Dave Barry addressed the importance of luncheon meetings and gave a helpful list of restaurant names.

Examples of Classy Restaurant Names:

La Pleuve en Voiture
Ye Really Olde Countrie Manour Downes Inne

Examples of Non-Classy Restaurant Names:

The Chew 'n' Swallow
Commander Taco

It is well known that Warren Buffett likes to hold business lunches at Dairy Queen. Are there any chain restaurants or coffee shops that you use for business meetings? [I've confessed in a previous post to a bias for Starbucks.]


Mark said...

Bubbalous Bodacious Bar-B-Q was long time favorite of business folks in the Orlando area. Classy, no. Delicious, yes. Few things go better with a suit, tie and white shirt than good southern barbecue.


Michael Wade said...


In my book, all BBQ is classy. That place will be on my list for Orlando. If in Phoenix, try Honey Bear's BBQ on Central Avenue.