Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wasted or Invested?

It can be difficult to distinguish between time that is wasted and that which is invested.

You get lost and spend 40 minutes meandering through a strange neighborhood where you notice a restaurant or shop that you'll want to visit in the future. Time wasted or invested?

You spend an hour sipping coffee with a manager from another department who may, at some point down the road, have considerable influence over one of your projects. Time wasted or invested?

You talk to a student group about lessons you've learned in the course of your career. Time wasted or invested?

Your flight is delayed and, rather than getting stressed out, you divert yourself with a mystery novel. Time wasted or invested?

Many of our actions require an additional passage of time in order for us to determine whether that currency has been squandered or converted into something beneficial. If we are alert to possibilities and our surroundings, we are more likely to make that conversion.

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